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Ballooning is the oldest way that mankind have to fly. It is and activity enjoyed safely by thousands of people of all ages wordlwide.

In our country, balloon activity is controlled by EASA-State Air Safety Agency that also regulates all other aviation activity. These regulations stipulate all requirements for pilot training and safety inspections of aircraft.

In addition, these regulations include:

  • Aerial work companies musthave an Operations Manual, approved by EASA, which determine people responsible for the company, pilots and their qualification, assistants and their qualifications, revisions of the aircraft, flight planning, safety procedures and training of company personnel.
  • All hot air balloons operating in the country should be checked by an authorized center, annually orevery 50 flight hours, in case the balloon isused for commercial passenger transport.
  • Pilot training includes safety and emergency procedures that must be demonstrated sufficiently at graduation.
  • All pilots must annually be subjected to verification of their competency for hot air balloon command.
  • All aircrafts must have aninsurance policy that must covert occupants and non-occupants as established at Air Navigation Act.


Ropa adecuada

General recomentadions
Confortable and warm clothing.
Don´t smoke.
No heels.
No pregnant womens.


Hinchado de globo

Durring inflation, DO NOT stand up behind de fan.


Landing instructions
Put yourt self opposite to the flight direction, keep hands in the basket, bend your knees. Rest your back aganist de basket.


Barquilla globo

Security first

Seguridad en globo

Your segurity is very important for us.
Basic rules.

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